Dual Timbre (Black)

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Ebashi Audio Dual Timbre Owners Manual


The Dual Timbre module is a complex voltage controlled processor. Consisting of two individual folding cores that can be routed in various ways.

The folding stage is our new and modified take on the classic wavefolding design, which originated from the Buchla timbre section of the classic easel.

The wavefolding section is expanded using internal feedback paths. Self modulating paths control the timbre parameters as well as the input volume, resulting in a type of ring amplitude modulation to create even richer waveforms.

Because it is configured as a DC coupled module, it can handle both VCO and LFO signals.

Essentially, there are two freestanding wavefolders. These can be used separately with 2 inputs and 2 outputs to double the possibilities, or together for a single stereo signal. In serial mode, the signal can also be chained with the two sections. Or, for a deep and rich layered texture, can the wavefolders can be used in multiple parallel modes with an internal mixdown (both Inverted or Non-inverted).

Although not set up as a regular VCA, it may be used as one. The Dual Timbre creates a vintage warm drive VCA that can be pushed up to screaming levels depending on the level of your envelope.

The back of the module allows you to ‘pre patch’ certain functions – Ebashi style.

Comes fully calibrated.

Front panel: FR4 matt black with white silk print. Or gloss white with black silk print.

Size: 12HP, 3U Eurorack compatible, Skiff and boat friendly.

Power Consumption: +12v 80mA / -12v 80mA.

Hardware: Aluminum Knobs.

Delivery: Includes ribbon cable and 3mm rack screws.

Weight 250 g