EB Complex Voice (White)

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Ebashi Audio EB Complex Voice manual


The Complex voice is our most versatile VCO up to date.

The word Complex is there because it has an integrated AM Modulator, FM Self modulator and a very powerful wavefolder.

The core is based on 3340 precision vco chip, also found in Sequential Pro-1, OB-xa, Prophet 5, Memory Moog to name a few. We added a simple Sine wave shaper to the original core, which can be calibrated with two trimpots on the back. The 4 Key waveforms can be outputed “clean” thru the WAVE A and B outputs. With the waveform switch it is possible to choose 2 waveforms as simultaneously out. The way the order is organised it is possible to get almost any combination.

The selected wave form at Wave A then goes to modulate the amplitude of the waveform selected in the Fold section. The amplitude for this is controlled by CV2, this is an attenuverter. Meaning you can control the level of amplitude modulation in a positive and negative way. It is also possible to control the self modulation of the Frequency here.

We also added a sub waveform. But not just a normal one. There are 4 positions on the ‘SUB MODE’ switch. Each position represents a lowered waveform. It is not just a lowered octave, but we also added some harmonics making it lower and richer at the same time.

In stead of using a classic frequency divider, we use a binary counter circuit. The binary steps are mixed in different ways between all 4 choosable settings. This creates sub octaves with richer overtones. Or in the case of an LFO as source, it creates a sequence that can go up to 16 steps. And if this sequence gets fed into the wavefolder this sequence can be dragged and stretched to liking.

The fold output has 2 methods of use. when the “MODE” switch is on second VCO position the Fold potentiometer is a *1 gain and results in a “clean” sound when turned all the way left. When the “MODE” switch is set to “VCA” then the fold knob starts at 0 amplification. And this effectively makes it into a controllable VCA with the wavefolder dirt.

The Potentiometer bottom right is both Pulse Width and Offset of the wavefolder input at the same time. This only affects the Sub wave into Fold at the same time, and can be extremely fun.

On top of all this it can be controlled Exponential FM, Linear FM, PWM and a Soft sync.

Manuals will follow next month.


The back of the module allows you to ‘pre patch’ certain functions – Ebashi style.

Comes fully calibrated.

Front panel: FR4 matt black with white silk print. Or gloss white with black silk print.

Size: 12HP, 3U Eurorack compatible, Skiff and boat friendly.

Current Draw: +12v 58mA / -12V 55mA.

Hardware: Aluminum Knobs.

Delivery: Includes ribbon cable and 3mm rack screws.

Weight 200 g