EB Signal Control

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Ebashi Audio EB Signal Control manual


This is our attempt to make a little modular DC pocket knife. It a lot of features that you seek in modules, all combined into 12HP with a stunning led array for visual feedback. 

4 LFO’s each with 3 different ranges and frequency control that go up to VCO range. And 2 different waveforms, Triangle and Square wave.

A 4 channel DC mixer.

2 individual VCA’s.

A 2 channel inverted mixer, each channel controlled by a VCA. 

And 2 Sample & Holds circuits.

Each of the individual VCA’s, Sample & Holds, LFO’s or Individual inputs can be controlled by attenuators for positive and negative depth and or volume / amplitude.

And to top this of, all of these channels can be fed into 8 different differential rectifiers. This idea is large based on the incredible work of Andrew from Non Linear Circuits. “Basically the circuit compares the voltage on the ‘-‘ inputs with the voltages on the ‘+’ inputs. The difference between these voltages is fed to the outputs. If the difference is positive it appears on the ‘+’ output, if the difference is negative it appears on the ‘-‘ output. Again, a great way to mix boring CVs to get something interesting, audio frequency wave-shaping and it also can be used as a crude VCA.”


Front panel: FR4 matt black, white silk print.

Size: 12HP, 3U Eurorack compatible, Skiff and boat friendly.

Current Draw: +12v 80mA / -12V 80mA. (90mA Peak)

Hardware: Tall Trimmer Pots.

Delivery: Includes ribbon cable and 3mm rack screws.

Weight 200 g