EXP Octa VCA Mix Beta

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We build the EXP series just for our own research. For each module we made a handful extra that we will put up for sale, just to fund the research part. No restock, once it’s gone it’s gone.


You can never have enough VCA’s, so this is 8 VCA’s in a 12 HP module.

7 of the 8 VCA’s are mixed down and normalled to the 8th. Therefore this can perfectly be used as a CV controlled mixer.

The top 4 VCA’s also have an offset function. you can offset the gain to 0, 0.5, 1 and multiply by 2 making it twice as loud.


Front panel: FR4 matt black, white silk print.

Size: 12HP, 3U Eurorack compatible, Skiff and boat friendly.

Current Draw: +12v 60mA / -12V 60mA.

Hardware: Aluminum Knobs.

Delivery: Includes ribbon cable and 3mm rack screws.

Weight 200 g