EXP VCO LFO – Saw Core

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We build the EXP series just for our own research. For each module we made a handful extra that we will put up for sale, just to fund the research part. No restock, once it’s gone it’s gone.

A versatile 12hp VCO/LFO. It features all the standard waveforms including Sine Triangle Saw and Pulse. The latter can additionally be adjusted by PWM.

The Saw Core Oscillator is one of three in the EXP VCO series. It is a Voltage Controlled Oscillator that can be set to 2 different speeds, so in turn can also be used as a Lo Frequency Voltage Controlled Oscillator, or short LFO.

The Saw core design is based on a classic capacitor charging and discharging creating a ramp waveform. With this design the Hard sync can be operated more extremely than for instance the Triangle core oscillator. We also added a Ampluted self modulation function that can be controlled by an attenuverter. Basically the amplitude of the Saw core can be modulated by a its own sine wave, an external waveform or a mix of both. And this all can then be added positively or negatively.


It tracks okay across 3 octaves, and it is possible to re-callibrate and adjust this using the trimpots on the rear of the module.

Inputs include

Pulse Width Modulation for the Pulse wave.

Exponential FM With Attenuator.

Linear FM With Attenuverter.

Linear AM With Attenuverter.

A really strong Hard Sync that resets the cycle at the given point, that can take an external Square wave for syncing 2 oscillators.

And two Voltage per Octave inputs, that mix down to one output. These can also be used as regular unattenuated Exponential FM inputs.

Outputs listed on the bottom of the module: Sine, Triangle, Ramp and Pulse/Square wave.


Front panel: FR4 matt black, white silk print.

Size: 12HP, 3U Eurorack compatible, Skiff and boat friendly.

Current Draw: +12v 50mA / -12V 50mA.

Hardware: Aluminum Knobs.

Delivery: Includes ribbon cable and 3mm rack screws.

Weight 200 g